Past Perfect, Future Tense

18 de marzo de 2010

Magne En La Revista Vestkantmagasinet

Magne aparece en la portada de la edición gratuita de primavera de Vestkantmagasinet, una revista que se distribuye en Oslo.

En la entrevista habla de la escultura que hizo para el Centro del Premio Nobel.

Entre otras cosas también menciona a a-ha:

- What is important to you in 2010?
- 2010 is the year where we sum things up with a-ha, and for me that's an opportunity to end a chapter of my life with dignity. I also hope to return to a healthier lifestyle - working double shifts every day is apparently not healthy in the long run, I've been told...

- And what are you most looking forward to?
- a-ha's farewell tour this year. It will be interesting to see the world through "a-ha glasses" one final time.


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