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10 de agosto de 2010

Magne in "Kamille Magazine

"MANGE MAGNE" ("Many Magnes") (thanks to Magnet)

The last ever single from a-ha, "Butterfly Butterfly" is on the car radio as we arrive at Magne Furuholmen's house. The occasion is that a-ha is getting ready to end a chapter in Norwegian pop history. The trio is quitting now while things are still good, after a quarter of a century and 100 million records sold.
Real Estate agents would have used the words "rare pearl" or "Nice set-up" about Magne's property on an island outside of Oslo. There's a tennis court, private boat dock, and room to breathe and find peace. The style is a combination of romantic and modern. The view offers ocean and sky. Inside the house, there's good taste and a good economy. We come through the amazing security gate and go into the driveway, to knock on the front door. And there he is: Magne. Happy, tan and cool. He is wearing a wrinkled turquoise "MOODS" shirt, dark jeans and light colored shoes. On his chest, there hangs a silver necklace with a charm. He is tall and thin, with golden hair and speckles of gray with a matching beard. We thought he was great back in 1985, and we feel the same 25 years later.

As a popstar, you never run out of pretty girl fans with stars in their eyes.
And add on the depressing divorce rates for all of us these days. It feels good to go deep into the soul and discover that Magne is still married to the girl he dated when he was 18, Heidi Rydjord (47). They have 2 kids--Thomas Vincent (20) and Philip Clements (16).

"Yeah, we've been together for 30 years. The divorce rate in my field of work is around 99% so this is a respectable period of time, even if you're not a popstar, right?" Magne jokes as we sit outside in one of his many summer table/chairs groups.

Heidi rummages in the kitchen as he pours out compliments about her. He knows he's not the easiest to live with. He knows his job isn't normal and he always has a lot of projects going on. At the same time. All the time.
"I'm very privileged to have already gotten this secure anchor before I became a popstar. I have been given a great amount of flexibility and at the same time I have a safe place to harbor. The peace that surrounds Heidi gives me a place to rest. It releases a lot of creative energy. I never have to worry that the kids are OK when I'm out or gone because I know that everything is taken care of. I have never wondered if I'm not at home enough. But I am sure that the kids aren't lacking anything because I am the one I am."

Magne is not the type to rest with his laurel leaf crown down over his head and sunbathe in yesterday's glory. One can only guess about his work capacity. The more he works, the more energy he gets. "I never switch off. My wife wonders if I ever get tired of being with myself. Maybe this refers to how she thinks it is?" In addition to being a comet in the pop universe, Magne is an internationally recognized and renowned artist.

-How long have you been in art?
"Always, since I was a little boy. That's where I have talent." He smiles a crooked smile.
Art will be his major project from now on.
-You have stress problems, heart problems and tinnitus. It hasn't hit you that you might be pushing yourself or overdoing it?
"I'm hearing rumors about it". He answers easily.

10 years ago he was admitted to the hospital. Blue flashing lights, re-start the heart, and lots of drama. He has to live with his heart problems the rest of his life. Therefore he is always aware of his heart's regular irregularities. When he wakes up, he often feels he has run a marathon all night.

-Your father died when you were 6. Were you ever afraid that your boys would grow up without a father?
"Of course. Jakob Weidemann talks about the 'torpedo' that everyone experiences once in their lives. Heart problems were mine. The experience was extremely interesting and positive. The fear feeling mixed with desperation and resignation came out. Today I feel that if it ends now, if I die today, then I'm totally happy with it. My boys have gotten 'the best stuff'. That doesn't mean that it would have been more valuable with more time, especially for me. Maybe it's a kind of selfishness? Parents have this joy of giving to their kids. But maybe the grip can be a little...cramping?" (He demonstrates by clasping his hands together and shaking) His 'torpedo' made him more aware about things that aren't good for him. So he takes long breaks from unhealthy habits.
"At the same time, I like to consciously choose the 'what the heck'. I can't stop everything that's wrong. Then it becomes a mania."

Doesn't one like him ever get shy? One who stands in front of tens of thousands? "I'm shy right now. Can't you see?"
Yes of course. His body language clearly shows that this isn't his favorite thing to do. He has already pointed out 3 times that he doesn't like portrait interviews... "I don't think of myself as so interesting."
His arms are crossed protectively in front of his chest and his legs shift restlessly back and forth over each other, not able to find a resting position. But he still does this interview anyway. Because it's a part of promoting the band.

"In a setting like this, I try not to let myself be caught into a caricature. You as a journalist have to create that, but I wish to pull at it. I've seen many examples of things printed that don't agree with the picture I have of myself."
Yes of course. It's impossible to reflect a person after only 1 interview.
We walk down to his private studio. There's an organized mess under a high roof and large windows. "This is probably the last interview I'll ever do with Kamille magazine. It's stupid not to make it as special as possible." His dog (Kiz) is so patient that in fact soon after, she is sitting and posing with a mask of a photo of Magne's face over her head. (Magne says that owners look like their dogs)
Kiz carefully wags her tail as Magne lovingly pets and strokes her fur.
"She's gone from a real street dog in Turkey, to being a fine island lady here."

Yes, Magne admits that he is one of those stars who wears dark sunglasses at airports. Everyone thinks it looks stupid. And of course he realizes it doesn't make him more anonymous. "It's like a choice between the plague or cholera. You'll stand out regardless. But with glasses, I control more what happens and I feel I can better steer away from unwanted eye contact. I'm not always ready for it. The attention was a lot more annoying...or intense is maybe a better word...before."

Earlier this year at the Berlin airport, Magne and one of his sons were standing and waiting. Some girls came and pretended to take pictures of each other, but it was obvious to everyone that Magne was who they were zooming in on. Magne smiles as he re-tells this story. "It's fun to see this. I like
to turn a little so they' can't take a picture, then they turn a little, and so I turn a little again. The whole time they don't think I see them."

"For the most part, it's totally OK that people ask me to take a picture with them. But I don't always want to, like when I've just woken up and have pillow marks all over my face. Then to go straight into a photo session...."
Magne doesn't complete this sentence, but makes a grimace.

It's not always OK to have a Dad who is a superstar. His closest family and friendsa think it's positive he has become famous. "We've had discussions about it. My experience is that you influence situations yourself. I try to think that it costs a little for fans, too..but if you are the 4th one to disturb my breakfast, I will probably be more harsh than I mean to be."

"As a family, we talk about that it's important to see everything in a connection. Fame and my career gives us many privileges and possibilities. For example, all of us are traveling to Japan."

Think how strange it must be to stand and applaud your own father....whether for a concert or an art exhibit. How do you avoid to be in the shadow of a world famous father?

"You can't. The kids live in my shadow. I've thought a lot about this--how it is to grow up with it. It will be difficult for them to avoid my footprints, especially since I have walked all over the place so thoroughly. My hope is that it isn't paralyzing, but inspiring. They have complete freedom to follow and stake out their own course and they will put out their own footprints. I will support them no matter what they choose to do."

December 4th, 2010 is the end of a-ha.
-You're not tempted to continue on even though the 3 of you have it so nice together?
You're playing for a sold out audience.

"Who says it's nice?" A small smile appears on Magne's face.
He emphasizes that he is thankful for the journey that he, Paul and Morten have had together.
It's no secret that the journey has been rough and bumpy sometimes.

"I like to break patterns. I'm not the type to stay hanging onto things. I would rather trample over the sandcastles *I* built and be happy and proud that I built them, rather than to be angry at the ocean tide that takes them."

"With age, some people become old and bitter, others become playful and wise. I would like to be old and wise....IF I get the opportunity to become old."

There's a cool photo of Magne (the side of his face shown, because he is turned, looking at a wall where he wrote:)

"Be Brave
Be Sentimental
Be Unsure
Be unashamed!
Be Yourself or
Be Someone Else
Be quiet
Be too loud
Be stupid
Be careless
Be Vulnerable
Be ordinary "

29 de julio de 2010

Magne in Magasinet / Magne en la revista Magasinet

Thanks to Mariaonsea for the picture!

28 de abril de 2010


Inaguración de una nueva obra de Magne en Berlín el 29/04/10 en presencia del embajador de Noruega en Alemania:

22 de abril de 2010

Magne en Chile - 23 de marzo 2010

Este Post va en honor a mi/nuestra gran amiga Brujis.

Gracias a ella por todo el material que compartió por nosotros... ¡¡espero que no le importe que publique una parte aquí SIN su permiso!! :o)

Magne en Brasil - Del 9 al 20 de Marzo 2010

En concierto con a-ha: Tour 2010 Ending of a high note.

21 de abril de 2010

Magne en Argentina - 4 de Marzo 2010

Durante la última gira de a-ha: Ending on a high note

18 de marzo de 2010

Magne En La Revista Vestkantmagasinet

Magne aparece en la portada de la edición gratuita de primavera de Vestkantmagasinet, una revista que se distribuye en Oslo.

En la entrevista habla de la escultura que hizo para el Centro del Premio Nobel.

Entre otras cosas también menciona a a-ha:

- What is important to you in 2010?
- 2010 is the year where we sum things up with a-ha, and for me that's an opportunity to end a chapter of my life with dignity. I also hope to return to a healthier lifestyle - working double shifts every day is apparently not healthy in the long run, I've been told...

- And what are you most looking forward to?
- a-ha's farewell tour this year. It will be interesting to see the world through "a-ha glasses" one final time.


14 de marzo de 2010

Entrevista Apparatjik

Los chicos de Apparatjik fueron entrevistados en

Lo mejor es que se puede descargar en Mp3, aquí el link:


23 de marzo.. a-ha en Chile

Finalmente después de la gran catástrofe que ocurrió en Chile, tendremos la oportunidad de despedirnos del trío noruego A-ha.

Confirmado por


Aún se pueden comprar entradas en

Magne en O-Globo / Magne in O-Globo

Traducción por: Danisu de A-ha en Castellano

A-ha promete un fin de fiesta animado a los fans

El teclista del trio noruego recuerda el primer contacto con los brasileños y dice que el matrimonio musical llega a su fin.

El primer encuentro de la banda pop noruega a-ha con el público suramericano, en 1989 -año en el que el trio se presentó en la Praça da Apoteose, en Rio- estuvo marcado por la disipación de estereotipos, cuenta el teclista y miembro fundador Magne Furuholmen por teléfono, desde Argentina. Cuándo el y sus colegas de la banda se reencuentren con sus fans cariocas éste sábado a las 22.00h en el Citibank Hall, en lugar del impacto de aquella primera visita, deberá "chirriar" una cierta meláncolía por ser ésta la última vez. La gira de despedida de a-ha, pondrá fin a su actividad después de 25 años de carrera, pasará también por San Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia e Recife.

- En el fin de los años 80, había el estereótipo de que grupos que venian de Europa eran de música para bailar y desde el punto de vista de los europeos había el estereótipo de que las audiencias suramericanas tenian aprecio sólo por la música cargada de sensualidad. Nuestra música es imposible de ser bailada. No es hecha para éso. Felizmente, los estereótipos son engañosos. Acredito que nuestro éxito en America del sur se debe a que hacemos una música muy pasional. Ponemos nuestros corazones en lo que hacemos y el público siente ésto. La música es un lenguaje universal - cuenta Furuholmen, que fué agasajado por los fans de la época con discos de artistas locales aunque no cita a ninguno que le hubiese gustado mucho. - Hace mucho tiempo. Es necesario que me actualice.

La segunda vez que vino a-ha a la ciudad fue en Maracaná, en Rock en Rio en 1991 en el que fué presentado ante un enorme público. La lealtad de los oyentes se mantiene con el paso de los años, incluso después de que el grupo dejase de oirse en las radios, como fué posible constatar el año pasado en el mismo Citibank Hall, donde 6.500 personas vieron a la banda. Justamente por éso muchos fans no entienden el por qué de que la banda decida acabar.

- Es el reconocimiento de un matrimonio que llega a su fín, y 25 años es un largo matrimonio. Cada uno de nosotros tiene necesidad de hacer algo diferente e individual. Cuándo tocamos en a-ha és cómo revivir un pasado al cual tenemos cariño. Nuestro último CD "Foot of the mountain" (de 2009) es un reconocimiento de ése pasado, de cómo éramos al principio. Pero todo lo que es bueno acaba algún día, es bueno salir de una fiesta antes de que acabe desanimada. Nosotros aprovechamos el auge de la fiesta. Tenemos la oportunidad de celebrar el fin de la banda en vez de continuar por ahí hasta que se desmorone o hacer música aburrida que va a frustrar a los fans. Nuestro último disco fué bién recibido, entonces vamos a salir a escena en buena posición.

El trio tuvo desavenencias internas sobre "Touchy "

Según él una futura reunión es improbable.
- sería extraño decir adiós y planear una reunión para el futuro. No veo una reunión más adelante sinceramente. Bueno la vida me ha enseñado a ser cauteloso al hablar de éstas cosas, porque ella siempre trae sorpresas. Pero yo quiero cerrar ése capítulo de mi vida. No quiero quedar atado a una cosa porque ésta sea un éxito. Quiero poder comenzar de nuevo a los 50 años, quiero tener libertad. Es como construir un castillo de arena, si dejas que las olas se lo lleven de noche es mejor que lo pises tu mismo y empezar de nuevo. Mi recompensa es ver que mucha gente tiene un vínculo muy fuerte con nuestra música - dice el músico noruego, que tiene 47 años. -Las personas dificilmente cambian sus rutinas después de 30 años- Yo haré eso a los 50 años.

El Show del año pasado tuvo los principales éxitos de a-ha como "Take on me" "Hunting hing and low" y "Stay on these roads" pero también incluyó un buén bocado de temas recientes y poco conocidos por el público, además de una decepción, por la falta de dos hits, "Touchy" y "You are the one".
- A mí me hubiese gustado tocar ésos dos temas pero los otros miembros querían tocar canciones más serias. Fué una situación difícil, vergonzosa. Considero eso un error que es habitual que cometan los artistas, lo de querer educar a las personas en lo que deberían escuchar. Ayer mismo intentamos ensayar "Touchy". No salió bién. Pero para cuándo lleguemos a Brasil tendremos ése tema preparado.
El garantiza que todos los miembros de a-ha continuarán con la música o en actividades culturales de modo general. Furuholmen por ejemplo tiene una banda paralela con el bajista de Coldplay, Guy Beryman, llamada Apparatjik.
- Soy muy amigo de Guy, hablé con el ayer por teléfono y me habló de los shows que Coldplay hizo en Brasil. Coldplay es una banda que no se cansa de decir lo influenciada que está por a-ha. Ese tipo de cosas son las que me recompensan, porque nunca hicimos música pensando en el éxito comercial pero sí en sensibilizar a las personas- concluye él.

26 de febrero de 2010

Entrevista De Magne Para El "This Is Nottingham"

Una entrevista de Magne desde su cabaña en las montañas a -18º:

24 de febrero de 2010

Entrevista en

Nuestro querido Magne como siempre tan comunicativo hace nuevamente de portavoz de a-ha en la siguiente entrevista para la prensa inglesa:

10 de febrero de 2010

lo último de Apparatjik

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