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15 de mayo de 2008

A-ha! Is that Magne F? - Entrevista del Reino Unido

Muy pronto la traducción en español.

A-ha! Is that Magne F?

By John Earls - "Time's been kind to A-ha. Nobody gives a rat's ass about Morten's cheekbones any more."

With all three of A-ha releasing solo albums around the same time, they're all playing individual sets at London Royal Albert Hall on May 24.

"With our last solo albums, it looked like we were in competition," says keyboardist Magne F. "We're properly co-ordinating everything at last."

Magne's album began as songs he wrote for the band.

"Morten wanted to do a solo record," Magne explains. "And I don't like songs sitting around for too long. It's hard to recreate that initial excitement if you come back to them six months later.

"Some musician friends kept coming over to my place, and I slowly realised it was because they liked the songs, not just for my fabulous coffee."

The album, A Dot Of Black In The Blue Of Your Bliss, features Guy Berryman of Coldplay as its bassist.

"From day one, Coldplay have said cool things about A-ha," says Magne, 45.

"I'm closest to Guy, because he's interested in art too. He'll come to Norway to hang out and share ideas on our respective art. We're always on the lookout for doing little projects together, either musically or in art."

Although the album was initially free online, a luxury version was packaged with a painting by Magne.

"The paintings form one big artwork," he explains. "The idea is that music should be free, but if you want a cool object to go with it, pay for that.

"I'm cool that the record isn't going to get as much notice as A-ha. I've had so much success with A-ha, I could hardly claim to be under-represented."

As well as designing an official stamp in Norway in 2001, Magne's art also led him to design the sculpture for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony when Al Gore won the honour last year.

"I was asked before they knew who'd won," says Magne. "I was glad Al won, as climate change is an easy subject.

"I didn't want the message to be coded in the work. For something so vital, I wanted everyone to get the message."

With A-ha having survived since the mid '80s, Magne can afford to laugh at the critics' early derision of the band.

"A-ha were always cool - you critics were the uncool ones," he chuckles.

"We were super-embarrassed at our status, even if Morten's cheekbones were pretty sexy. It's great that bands like Coldplay were secretly paying attention to the music and have made us fashionable after all these years."

Source: Karen & Jakob on WOTM

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