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9 de enero de 2008

Nuevo Mensaje de Magnef

Jueves 8 de enero de 2008

how can you miss me if i never go away

lyrics first, then the music
well, it seemed like an, uh.. idea at the time
there will be more info about the upcoming album, don't worry... fret!

in the immortal words of spinal tap, i will be looking for a more 'selective audience' this time. in fact, i have half-decided not to release this as an album at all (and not by popular demand either!). well, at least not 'release' in the traditional sense...more like 'setting free'. we'll see. my goodness, is that the time - a few booktips then off to bedski..
below are my favourite lines from 'dandy in the underworld', by sebastian horsley (although I am pretty sure he has attempted to spell his name starting with a w art some point) not high literature, sure - and probably a book i would not have bought, if judged by the cover (which he clearly states every book should be), but a gift from a discerning reader is a rare enough thing these days (thanks, hon), and an entertaining autobiography from a self-declared wannabe even rarer...

and anyways, post the gushing of saltywater from reading 'the road' by cormac mccarthy, a solid dose of snide commentary, and full on unashamedly british self-irony & deprecation coupled with the our sebastian's strategy of putting himself in the worst possible light (only the smart ones knows this trick) was just the ticket.

now, i re-read every book i read immediately (obsessive, sure), scavenging the pages for morsels of interesting grammatism and linguistic idiosyncracies marked down the first time, but this one begs to be quoted in full, in fact gags for it. in fact it is not literature, it is pages filled with quotes. my absolute favourite being the 'celebrity' quote, of true(sic). so, in order of appearance, and for the purpose of your entertainment:

I simply cannot live within the income my of praise. from the very start I wanted to be the bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral and the baby at every christening

an appetite for sadness that no amount of misfortune could satisfy

style is when they run you out of town and you make it look as if you're leading the parade

if you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there

worry is interest paid on trouble before it falls due

a family is a group of individuals united by blood and divided by money

confusion is always the most honest response

the nice thing about being a celebrity is that when you bore people rigid they assume it's their fault

vanity is where the extremes of insecurity and arrogance meet. it is for the hugely self confident who have low self-esteem

ownership had robbed it of all worth

i drank when alone for the same reason as every other lone drinker: to get rid of myself, to send myself away

fantasy is the proper riposte to the miseries of life

so empty of content, so content with his emptiness

my mind was like a darkroom in which negatives were developed

i had given up everything and taken up nothing instead

unhappiness lies in the gap between our talents and our expectations

the opposite of talking for me wasn't listening. it was waiting

i could not live by words alone – despite the fact that often i had to eat them –

if you give up smoking, drinking and drugs, you don't actually live longer, it just seems longer

the best healers are the wounded

i always stay away from natural foods. at my age i need all the preservatives i can get

the old are preserved in the young, waiting, like hatchlings to come out and peck

contentment consists not in great wealth but in few wants

what else...
a.s. byatt; possesion, audrey niffenegger; the time-traveler's wife
more cormac mccarthy, reread all the john fante books...oops, time to zzzznooze

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