Past Perfect, Future Tense

27 de febrero de 2007

Algunos de sus últimos poemas (2007)

Febrero 27


I want to take
every artwork known to man
and turn it on its head

re-write every poem that exists
before I go to bed

in this maze I call my own
there's no place left to go
- no place I haven't been

and every time I fuck myself over
I wonder if it's really love

...know what I mean ?

Febrero 15

I mistook myself

for someone I once knew

I've been wrong
about a lot of things

one of which was you

we change facts
defend acts
that's how we cope

and when we're stuck
we try to move

our mistakes would cancel
one another out

if one and one made two

but we have seen beyond a doubt
that one and one is never two

it's one squared.

next time
I'll be prepared

------ //// ------

split infinitives

like two legs
spread apart

like a long
cystolic pause

in the uneven beating
of a heart

you made-up virgin
you pure old tart

the end to a beginning
the windup to a start

like it or not
who gives a fuck

I don't know how or why
but if you wish to know

you'll have to really try

Febrero 12

for the man who wants to be somebody

you're living
for and by the news

fast to find and relay on
all that happens here

except you do not care

you only look
for things that you can use
and then concoct

something wildly different
out of what you got

and unwittingly
(or not)

I contribute to your

morally inferior

Febrero 10

like the white

carpet of snow

stretching out

stretching out and yawning

like sea kissing shore;
more more more

like wisps of smoke
from frost's infernal flame

like a mountain range,
like Richard wrote

like law
- fair to some

like the hotel key-card to my door
(please come)

like these hands

your shape
is all that they remember

and how

Febrero 9

to put oneself in a place

where so many know you

and so relatively few
mourn you when you go

seems to me
some post-traumatic disorder
of too many american dreams

to be caught on camera
shooting up and down in weight

then, in the end
just shooting up in some hotel

gleeful faces
gawking eyes
smirking mouths
shaking heads
including mine

a slow-mo lynch-mob
perhaps now taking time
to consider how the karma
we dismissingly dispensed your way

will come back to bite us all
one day

you traded our pity for your millions

but on the other hand
we're millions here who have lost
our ability to pity
long ago

our loss is losing you
holding up a mirror
to our ugliness

(for anna nicole)

Febrero 8

valor in a wheelchair

hope on dope

time performing surgery
on a slippery slope

trust has done a runner
suspicion resolute

cowardice the healer
that could not be found
in truth

love like a martyr
ardor in a rage

cool severly flustered
as fantasies now fade

but secrets will reveal
what time won't tell

tedium succeed
where fervor once failed

------------- ***** --------------

Enero 25


I was monster
merely minion

make no mistake
I was monster

I took lessons

I learn fast

I took lives
nothing lasts

money changed hands
deals went down

they always do
when I am around

I was a monster

to the letter

you made me


If you need another friend

ask, don't steal

if you do not understand
what I am saying

think, don't feel

every waking hour spent
in order to cement

versions plausible enough
to justify your worry

you can chip away at history
to your heart's content

but hurry!


Enero 22

I am still talking to you

even though you've gone away

every day
I talk to you

I still think of what to say

even though the need for saying
anything at all

has long since disappeared

no place been
no sound heard
no thing seen
that I don't record
with this in mind

so I can safely say
that all this time

I have never truly had
a moment to myself
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